Friday, 31 August 2012

Self Diagnoses: C.P.D

Stands for Compulsive Price Disclosure... Something I have

I love this top I brought for the holidays and it was just £2! See know one needed to know that but I cannot help but broadcast it to the world. ( I say the world I mean the 2 ppl who read my blog who I have probably told by now hehe)

I've been on holiday to....



Scorching sunshine, beautiful architecture, stunning backdrops, gorgeous streets and fantastic company! Palma makes a fantastic city break (Just don't head too far in the direction of Palma Nova and Magaluf :-/)
Ohh Holidays make me happy!

Monday, 27 August 2012

I love this Couple!

I love this web series so much - it makes me laugh and get all gooey in that sad sappy " I want what they have" kind of way. Also this guy is soo hot it is unbelievable and she gets extra brownie points for being #teamnatural and wearing one of my favorite t-shirts in an episode - we both wear it well hehe.

The series is nearly coming to an end and I know I will miss it - At times the lines are almost blurred on this one as to whether they are actually a real couple or just acting. Anyway give the series ago theres no major drama, nothing to change your life it's just how these two people live their lives as a couple :-)

Saturday, 25 August 2012

Lego Lovliness!

Boy and Girl head available at Price Right
LEGO Drinking Bottle  
Available from
These lego heads and drinking bottles are so a fun and useful. I love a cute storage solution.
I want to put one near my door with my keys and thingy majigs in it so It can make me all smiley when I come and go! 
I want the girl one, let's rephrase that one I want the girl one first! Gosh every time I blog I have to stop myself buying these thing. STOP IT! JUST STOP IT!

Friday, 17 August 2012

Tea Pot Joy!

I can't believe that I used to hate tea! Now I can't think of many things that provide better comfort than a brew and a biscuit on the sofa with a blanket!

But it can't just be any old cuppa, there are rankings of tea bags with Yorkshire tea coming up trumps over a twinnings breakfast tea (definitely packs more of a punch.) Even on a herbal front - Tea pigs have the clear advantage on the peppermint market.

Yes I am sad, I know I get worse - I have different tea cups for different moods and varieties of hot beverage and now I am lusting over more tea pots to add to my loving collection.

Above is my Brooklyn brought Elephant baby that will always have a special place in my heart and I do have a new polka dot bad boy that is used pretty frequently - I will take a quick pic!

But below are a couple of my faves that are just begging to be purchased. Maybe not all by me I don't want to many dust collectors :-/

Camel Teapot
Camel Teapot ahhhh just checked and it's gone on sale must refrain myself from buying soo much when I don't actually have a house to put it in :-/
Mr.  T Tea Teapot large
HELLO is it tea you're looking for full sized teapot
Can't decide which of these two lionel ones I like best, I did come across the Manchester based Mr Teacup's one first but at £40 it's more than the price and shipping of the one above from the states!

  • PiP Studio Tea Pot Khaki
    This Pip Studio set is my ultimate dream ahhhhh *she sighs dreamily* surely tea would taste much better in this.

Thursday, 16 August 2012

Bargain Staple Trousers[source],value[/environment/2012/J01_0808_042R_0.jpg]&set=key[rotate],value[-0.05]&set=key[width],value[3368]&set=key[height],value[3938]&set=key[x],value[308]&set=key[y],value[801]&set=key[type],value[FASHION_FRONT]&call=url[file:/product/large]

These casual trousers are so comfy, a bargain and come  in a range of colors to take you through all of the seasons.

I brought the burgundy pair the other and I love how they actually fit my bum and don't give me a muffin top. They were out of most sizes in the HnM I visited but the bottle green,  navy blue and black will have to be purchased. I feel they are comfortable and just smart enough for work so that will be my justification :-)[source],value[/model/2012/J01%2001982%2049209%2024%200336%206.jpg]&set=key[rotate],value[]&set=key[width],value[]&set=key[height],value[]&set=key[x],value[]&set=key[y],value[]&set=key[type],value[STILL_LIFE_FRONT]&call=url[file:/product/large] 

D.I.Y Eyebrow Dye.

  I have very light eyebrows and when they are not shaped they throw everything off balance.

I get usually get them threaded. I stay loyal to the same woman and she is generally very good - apart from the odd time when she gets me a little uneven and lopsided.

 She often reminds me that they are very light and could do with tinting and most of the time I do.
A few too many times she has made me look like Dr Spock. Many a time my brow has looked seriously scouse and a tad embarrasing, but by asking the lady to tint me dark brown rather than black and using a scrub after the tint I started to get the look I loved.

It makes such a dramatic difference to my face but unfortunately it doesn't last me long enough, I am also going on holiday and wanted brows with minimum effort So I thought why not do it myself.

I used the brand Colorsport 30 day eyebrow and eyelash kit in black.

I have tried to use it on my eyelashes before but it didn't make any difference and is much better on the eyebrow.

It's effective
It's simple and easy to use!
It's quick
You're in control - want it a little lighter? Just take it off sooner.
It did not irritate my skin
It's affordable (I think I paid about £5.99 for the kit and you can use it several times) 

The mixing/application wand is rubbish i just used my own thing.
It doesn't really last 30 days - but that is o.k because you can just do it again.

I didn't take a before pic but this pic is a couple of days earlier so it will do. You can barely see my eyebrow they are so faint and I don't usually fill them :-/ The after pic is after washing my face a couple of times.

All in all I will use it again and I will probably buy it again as I've just seen it on special offer!

Asda Georgy Porgy Pudding and Pie!,0.5,0,0&defaultimage=default_details_George_rd

 Week in week out I am always in Asda.  I admit it I love Asda! I can't let a week go by without popping in for food, clothes, craft supplies, books everything. I also pass 4 on my way to work each day so it's hard for me to resist.

It was the day when I went in and was chatting away to the cashier that I knew I had problems.

"Ohh why am I always in Asda" I cried pathetically.

"Don't worry Love" she said as if she knew my sad secret, "Asda loves you"

I turned to her and smiled as this would be the only declaration of love I would be getting in a long time and said "I love you toooo Asda!" a little bit too loud.... my friend looked at me like as if I was strange, ill or just plain foolish- I couldn't work it out. She knows of my Asda obsession she has received countless photos  of their clothing and seen all the bags I am laden with in work. She said she was embarrassed for me but I know she wanted to join in with the love.

I can't wait to pack my new maxi that didn't even cost me a tenner! (above) and I will be rocking this owl jumper with some lovely colored jeans this autumn. The feathers are all soft and textured with felt and everything - just so cute!

Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Nike Double Team Leather Trainers

Stop Haunting My Dreams Ohh Trainer of Lovliness! 
Nike Double Team Leather Hi Women's Shoe
Birthday Present Perhaps? 

Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Budget Micellar Cleansers

Man I love this stuff!  It is Lancome Eau Micellaire Douceur and retails for about £20 which isn't extortionate as it goes a long way but I have been using it very sparingly because as you can see I am near the end of the bottle and cheapo me does not want to part with my money just yet hehe.

Micellar cleansers are absolutely fantastic, I first came across them as I wanted something that was able to take away any dirt and make up from the day but wasn't to aggressive on my skin. The fact that I didn't have to wash this stuff off was also a bonus for a lazy gal like me - it's like having the sink by my bedside.
They are mostly alcohol and soap free and a beauty geek gives a great explanation of how they work so I won't reinvent the wheel and will post below.
In simple-ish terms, a micelle is a type of molecule cluster. One end of each molecule loves water (hydrophilic); the other hates it (hydrophobic). In a water solution, they group to form a spherical shape with a water-loving exterior and a water-hating interior. When gently applied to a surface — the skin, let’s say — the micelle spheres split open against that surface. When the application pressure lifts, the molecule cluster closes up again, and in the process grabs whatever isn’t water from that surface.
Essentially, micelles are kind of like mute Pac-Man types that wokka-wokka-wokka-wokka up all the makeup and dirt off your face in a jiffy.

When I was first looking for a Micellar cleanser I kept hearing good things about the Bioderma range, Its affordable, gentle, effective and leaves your skin feeling fresh but unfortunately it's hard to get hold of when your not in France grrrr. 

Now I am looking at other Micellar cleansers that have the mostly the same ingredients as my old faithful but are amazingly half the price - yipeee  (I love saving money)
These are the two I am hoping to try out next 

La Roche-Posay Physiological Micellar Solution 200ml approx. £11

Vichy Purete Thermale Calming Micellar Solution (200ml)

Vichy Purete Thermale Calming Micellar Solution (200ml) approx £11

My plan is to stop washing my face altogether! Lol I know that sounds wrong but my new regime means that I haven't used face washes or soap for weeks now!  I am using the Oil Cleansing Method  which deserves a post in itself and will get one) and then warm water. To exfoliate I simply use sugar and olive oil and this all works a treat so far. I am  loving the effect that it has on my skin. It is softer, smoother, more moisturised and looks generally healthier. These cleansers will be my added to  my regime as they are water based, gentle and will make sure no make up is left on my face, especially on those drunkard nights I don't make it to the sink ho hum.

BB Creams For Darker Skin

I am not really so much of a product junkie when it comes to facial skincare products, mostly because I am lazy, like to use minimal products and natural products on my skin and i'm very bad at being a girly girl who tries out lotions and potions. But!!! (Big Deep breath)  after hearing all of the hype about BB creams, (I know,  I know I am slow on the uptake here) I really thought that they might be worth a try and I am really excited at the release of two new products that will be launched in the U.K this month!

What Is A BB Cream?
Quite simply a blemish balm or blemish base with multi functions.

The Benefits Of BB Cream. 
 BB creams can eliminate using several products at once. This is what is really attractive to me as I am all for minimal use of products. They act as a....
  • Moisturiser 
  • Sun screen 
  • Concealer/foundation 
  • Primer 
  • Anti Aging cream.
The Problem....
So my problem is this, the age old problem we have with so many cosmetic brands in the U.K. They DO NOT CATER FOR DARKER SKIN. Gosh it seems if you are a shade of ebony or Ivory the issue here is the same grrrrrr.

Thandie Newton has been advertising Olays BB cream at the moment but that is about as dark as they get and a similuar shade to Garnier and other high street ranges. Even Bobbi Brown falls short :-(

The Solution
So this is why I am very excited and on countdown to the end of August 2012 when Sleek and Gosh at Superdrug will be releasing BB Creams that cater for Darker Skin! Yay! Well done you! Finally someone recognises the gap in the market and provides an affordable product.

Now these are not two brands I would usually even consider when purchasing make up but I am definitely willing to give these a try and report back!


Where the Hell Have You Been? 
I have know idea but I hope that I am back now!
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